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The Hills story is an Australian innovation and ingenuity over more than 75 years
With a powerful base across hospitals and aged care, we are now growing our care-in-the-community presence. Hills Health are here to support their patients and carers throughout the healthcare journey. We call this health Digital Experience Platform (DXP).
Meet Hills' new Digital Experience Platform (DXP)
The Hills Health DXP is a technology platform consisting of a suite of inter-operational software solutions designed to improve the overall experience of patients, clinicians and other stakeholders within the healthcare echo system through digital innovation and technology integration.
Health Digital Experience Platform
Health Digital Experience Platform (DXP)
Health DXP: In-Facility Services
Bringing compassionate care closer to you: Our in-facility services are designed for your needs when it matters most. These services support the patient experience though providing a single point of interactive interaction between the patient, the facility and the health organisation. Services include Entertainment and content management, Nurse Call, Bed and Room Boards, Patient WiFi, Digital Signage, wayfinding, Location based Services, IP CCTV, Message Integration, etc
Health DXP: In-Transition Services
The Hills in-transition healthcare services include thorough discharge planning, medication management, home health services, and follow-up appointments. The goal is to prevent complications, reduce the risk of readmission, and support the patient's overall well-being during the critical period following hospital discharge.
By addressing the medical, emotional, and logistical needs of patients during this transitional phase, these services play a vital role in promoting successful recovery and long-term health.
Extensia Community Health Information Exchange
Extensia solves one of healthcare's greatest challenges, with a truely interoperable platform connecting healthcare providers with universal patient information throughout the care journey - easily and securely.
With Extensia's Record Point, authorised practitioners have real-time access to their patients' health and social records from wherever they are in the health ecosystem.
Health DXP: In-Community Services
The Hills Community Product Group provides range of services and solutions that support a citizen’s health journey while they are in the community, including their home. The ‘home’ can change or be different dependent on circumstance and can include aged care, dementia care, palliative care or assisted living.
The Hills Community product group supports Community health interactions with Primary, Secondary and Allied Care Providers through the provision of a patient Centric Community Health Record pre integrated into a range of national, state and local health infrastructures delivering a community wide Health Integration Engine. Control always sites with the patient over who sees and has access to their health information.